Composite Tooth Colored Fillings

Composite Tooth Fillings

The purpose of filling is to restore a tooth to its original shape and form that was damaged by decay or trauma. Decay is removed and tooth is cleaned and prepped for the filling material. Filling done will prevent from further decay. There are many different types of material used like Composite material, Cement, Dental amalgam. We prefer composite resin material as it gives good strength and also tooth colored.

Advantages of composite filling material

  • Better grip - Composite material bond to tooth structure.
  • Rebuild strength - Teeth treated with composite fillings regain strength almost near to their natural strength.
  • Natural born looking - Composite fillings merge with surrounding tooth structure and are unnoticeable even on front teeth.
  • Improved surface grain - Composite fillings are easier for dentist to shape and sculpt into realistic tooth appearance.
  • Likely safe - There is no known allergic reactions to composite materials.
  • Reasonable option - Compared to ceramic material composite materials are more economical and affordable.

Composite Tooth Coloured Fillings FAQs

1Does composite filling provde long durability?
Yes, composite fillings provide good durability and resistance to fracture. Generally it lasts for more than 7 years.
2Can they be used in front teeth?
Yes, composite fillings can be used in front teeth as well as back teeth.
3Why to chose composite fillings instead of cement fillings?
We can adjust the shade with adjacent tooth color so it looks more natural. Also has more good durability and strength compared to cement fillings.
4Does tooth require crown over composite fillings?
No, tooth do not require crown over composite fillings because of good bonding mechanism involved in the procedure of composite filling.
5Should I have my silver fillings replaced?
There are a few reasons to remove silver fillings

  • The filling is leaking or broken.
  • The filling is in a visible place and you are unhappy with the esthetics.
  • A cavity is present beneath the fillings.
6What are the advantages of composite tooth-colored fillings?
  • The biggest advantage is that once they are placed, they so closely match the color of your own natural tooth enamel with no difference.This is important when you need a filling in a front tooth.
  • Another advantage is actually binds with the material of your tooth structure, which is always a good thing.
  • Composite material has very good compressive strength.
  • Because there's no lab involved, can usually be done in the same day. Bonding requires little preparation of the tooth or no preparation of the tooth.
  • Material does not expand and contract in response to temperature change, reducing or even eliminating the risk of filling becoming loose or falling out.
  • Composite material can be used to mask discoloration of tooth, gaps between teeth, damage to enamel, abrasion caused by faulty brushing technique, erosion caused by gastric re flux problem.
7How arew the tooth-colored fillings placed?
  • First we begin by carefully removing the decayed portion of your tooth.
  • After that we start applying the filling in layers.
  • Once the entire cavity is filled, we gently remove any extra filling material and then polish the tooth so that it blends perfectly with your enamel. When the filling is complete, you will not be able to tell where it is!
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