Denture is a set of false teeth made up of acrylic or in combination with acrylic & metal. They are removable prosthesis which sits on the underlying gums. Dentures may be of full sets of teeth or partial sets of teeth, means when patient had extracted all teeth they need complete denture while having some natural teeth available for taking support they need only partial denture. In emergency complete dentures can be made within three days.

Cast Partial Dentures (The most reliable & long lasting removable denture)

These types of dentures are advised when there are few missing teeth & cannot be restored with fix prosthesis. In this technique dentist do not require grinding & shaping of the supporting teeth as they do in fix prosthesis (bridge).

Advantages of cast partial dentures

  • Framework is produced by computer assisted design 3 - dimensional computer model with virtual surveying.
  • High technology equipped machine is used for direct fabrication of the metal framework.
  • Requires only minor changes of the supporting teeth.
  • Because of the grips given, dentures are made by computer assisted design,when patient wears denture it gives feeling of tight, snugly fitting & do not come out easily. It can be removed with finger.
  • To remove the denture one needs to make effort with his fingers.

Complete Dentures

Complete dentures are a removable device that can be used to replace missing teeth. Full dentures may be needed when you lose all of your teeth. The denture base is made up of pigmented acrylic material to mimic natural gum tissue. The denture teeth are made out of acrylic and held together by an acrylic base. There are many different types of acrylic base material and teeth set available for complete dentures.

To keep your dentures in good shape , try a thorough daily cleaning regime. Removing them at right will give your gums a rest. Full dentures give support to your lips and cheeks and thus bringing the smile back to your face.

Flexi denture

These types of dentures are aesthetically superior semi flexible removal denture. They are manufactured using pressure injection moulding technique.


  • Aesthetically superior with full functionality and comport.
  • Semi-flexible.
  • Tissue coloured clasps that bend with gums.

Dentures FAQs

1What are the advantages of cast partial denture over complete denture?
  • Cast partial dentures have clasp to give more grip to the remaining teeth. This gives semifix type of feeling & you have to be less worried about how to keep denture stable.
  • Cast partial dentures uses less area of the mouth which makes you feel comfortable in the mouth.
  • The metal framework of the cast partial denture makes it difficult to break during heavy force while chewing.
  • For those who have gaging problem cast partial denture is the best.
2My dentures don't fit right
  • Visit your dentist & discuss for a solution.
  • Your bone & gum ridges can shrink, resulting in a poorly fitting denture.
  • You can go for denture relining or rearrangement of teeth or sometimes you may need to make new denture.
3Is it ok to sleep with dentures in mouth?
It is not good to sleep with dentures in mouth. It is good to take them out at night, clean it and place it in a denture box.
4Does it disturb my speech?
If you find it difficult to speak certain words, practice reading out loud. Repeat the words that gave you trouble, with time you will become adjusted to speaking properly with your denture.
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