Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry

Cosmetic Dentistry is generally used to mention to any dental treatment that revamps the outward emergence of teeth, gums or bite. It basically concentrates on enhancement of teeth color, shape, size,position & gross smile appearance. Now a days many people turn to cosmetic dentistry as a way of refining their overall look. Cosmetic dentistry includes crowns, bridges, tooth colored fillings, veneers, implants & tooth whitening.

Cosmetic Dentistry is highly subjective to active patient participation. The colour, form and characterisation of anterior cosmetic restorations are open to scruting the patient, family and friends.
Cosmetic dentistry has made it possible to retain natural teeth, which were aesthetically ugly looking. For example, broken/chipped corner teeth, teeth with spacing, stains, dark-shaded teeth and specially in older persons where spacing, sensitive teeth due to attrition, abrasion and abfraction lesion, dark- shaded teeth which were unacceptable, cosmetic dentistry proved a boom in retaining these defective unacceptable teeth into acceptable and aesthetically beautiful looking natural teeth. In all discoloured, broken, chipped, abraded, abfraction lesioned and periodontally involves loose teeth, light cure bonding, capping, veneer, crown and bridge techniques have proved very helpful.
Cosmetic Dentistry is an elective procedure aimed at altering the existing natural or unnatural teeth and their supporting structure to a configuration perceived by the patient to enhance the appearance.
The term cosmetic refers to substances and procedures that are used to enhance features or correct defects in appearance. Cosmetics are the preparations used to change the appearance or enhance the beauty of the face.


Veneer is a thin layer of porcelain or composite placed over a tooth. Composite veneer is placed either directly in the mouth or indirectly made by dental technician & then bonded to tooth. Porcelain veneers are indirectly fabricated by technician and then bonded to tooth. Veneers allow to change color & shape of the teeth. They are the best in cosmetic dentistry. Materials used in veneers are Ceramic, Lithium Disilicate & Composite Resin. Veneers are used to close the gaps between teeth or irregularly shaped teeth.
Veneers are used to fix :
  • To close the space between teeth especially front teeth.
  • Broken teeth.
  • Worn down teeth.
  • Irregulary shaped, uneven teeth.
  • Discoloured teeth.

Dental Implants

The latest modality of treatment of partial and completely edentulous patients is dental implants. Dental implants are made of biocompatible materials and they are surgically inserted into the jawbone primarily as a prosthodontic foundation. The endosteal dental implants or root form implants are commonly used. Endosteal dental implants are similar to the natural tooth root and restoration of missing teeth does not need adjacent tooth support primarily. Also, implant stimulates the supporting bone and maintains its dimensions similar to that of healthy roots. Implant supported prosthesis does not require soft tissue support and improves oral comfort.

Crowns & Bridges

A Crown is a artificial cap made up of different types dental materials & kept in place by dental fixative. A crown is used to entirely cover a damaged tooth. It can also be used to improve thooth appearance, shape or alignment. A crown can also be placed on top of an implant to provide a tooth-like shape and structure for function. Porcelain or ceramic crowns can be matched to the color of your natural teeth. Other materials include gold, metal alloys and acrylic. These metal alloys are generally stronger than porcelain and may be recommended for back teeth. Porcelain bonded to a metal layer is often used because it is both strong and attractive.
A bridge is a multiple joined crowns used to replace a single missing tooth or several teeth by joining & artificial teeth permanently to adjacent teeth, while fabricating bridge the gap between adjacent teeth is filled with dummy tooth.

White composite fillings

Because of improved bonding technologies these fillings are more durable & long lasting. It increase the strength of weakened teeth. Composite filling material are available in different shades & therefore dentist can match the exact shade required for your particular teeth. This way material merge with tooth structure so that there is no line of demarkation.

AT-HOME Whitening

Custom flexible trays are given to the patient along with the whitening material. Your dentist will instruct you how to use this material. This method lasts about 15 - 20 days and may vary according to the result that the patient wants. Method gives steady result for about 2 years.

Cosmetic Dentistry FAQs

1What is cosmetic dentistry?
Cosmetic Dentistry is generally used to mention to any dental treatment that revamps the outward emergence of teeth, gums or bite.
2What are the benefits to cosmetic dentistry?
With help of cosmetic dental treatment one can get beautiful smile which in turn increases self-confidence, emotional well being and performance.
3I don't like my teeth what can we do?
The first step is to discuss the condition of your teeth, the look you want to achieve & the treatment options to give you perfect smile. One can get bonded veneer, porcelain veneer, full crown, teeth whitening, etc.
4What is the difference between bonded veneers & porcelain veneers?
In bonded veneers procedure resin is shaped, carved & bonded directly to teeth. Bonded veneers are made of composite resin, porcelain veneers are made before bonding and are made of ceramic material.
5Is procedure for veneers painful?
No, procedure is painless & no anaesthetic is required.
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